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BMW full form | BMW meaning

BMW is a car maker company originated at 7 March 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. Bavarian Motor Works is makes and sells car and also make bikes with bicycle.BMW full form is Bavarian Motor Work which is in English language, and in German language Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. B M W Motorrad is known for bike and […]

MLA full form | MLA meaning

What is the MLA full form? We found four meaning of MLA which is given below:- Member of the Legislative Assembly is the abbreviation of  MLA. In India, It is a representative elected by the voters. of an electoral district to the Legislature of a State in the Indian system of government.Each state has between four […]

AAAA Full Form | Meaning of AAAA

What is the AAAA full form? We have found many full forms regarding to AAAA which is given below:- 1) Asian Academic Accounting Association is the meaning of AAAA. With the reference of their website (fourA.org), It was established after 2 meetings in Hong Kong and in Hawaii in June and October 1998. 2) American Association of Advertising Agencies is the […]

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