Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DRBD full form

Distributed Replicated Block Device is the DRBD full form. It is a storage technique which runs on Linux platform.

It is enforced as many user area management applications and a few shell scripts and is generally used on high accessibility (HA) laptop clusters.

It additionally refers to the logical block devices provided by the scheme and to the software package that implements it. DRBD device and block device also are usually used for the previous.

This software package is free software package released below the terms of the gnu General Public License version 2.

It is a component of the Lisog open supply stack initiative.

Operating among the Linux kernel's block layer, DRBD is basically workload agnostic. A DRBD is used on the basis of -
  1. A conventional filing system
  2. A shared file system like GFS2 or OCFS2,
  3. Another logical block device
  4. Any application need direct reach to a block device.

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