Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FAX Full Form

What is the full form of FAX?

We can say that Facsimile is the full form of FAX. A device which can able to sent and receive printed pages is a F.A.X. machine or called F.A.X. Machine. Sent and receive works happens through telephone lines in digital form, that's reason it is also called Telefax. It can sent/receive text as well as images too.

How It works?
It has a scanner and a printer exclusively, because scanner first scan the page and then convert into fixed graphic image and then bitmap and transfer it through telephone line. Now receiver's fax machine printer print that digitally data to paper.

Speed for transmission:- Basically transmission can be happened in 20 to 30 seconds but sometimes they can take up to 2 minutes to transmit single page.

Invention:- Alexander Bain is the first person who was become able to transmit image/text through signals from telephone line in 1842 In 21st century, FAX. become older after the advent of email technology.

In 1980's, this technology was become most popular and using by companies and governments sectors and also using by rich persons personally.

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