Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love Full Form

What is the full form of LOVE?

People's are searching the meaning of love on internet but there is no full form. It is a word which means affection.

But folks are always make different and they created many full forms regarding to love which is not legal but funny.

So, In this article we have collected some funny love ka full name which is given below:- 
L - Life's
O - Only
V - Valuable
E - Emotion

L - Lake of sorrow
O - Ocean of tears
V - Valley of death
E - End of life

L - Living
O - One
V - Vibrational
E - Energy

L - Linguistics
O - of
V - Visual
E - English

League of Villainous Entities

Let Our Values Endure

Loss of Valuable Education

Love Others Very Eagerly

The above given information is collected from other resources such as public sites and some users of this website sent via email. Share with your friends without any permission.

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