Saturday, April 4, 2015

SVC Bank

What does SVC Bank Stand For?

Shamrao Vithal Co-operative is the meaning of SVC which is a bank in India founded in 1906, and its head quarter located at Mumbai. And founded at the time was starting of Co-Operative bank in India.

Some products by svcbank which is in market such as - Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Mortgages, Credit Cards.

SVC has 176 branches in all over India also it was develop a Banking Software providing a Single Window Core Banking Solution – aptly branded as ‘Genius’ and the first Bank in the country to develop this software.

We found many meaning of S.V.C.

Still Video Camera is the another meaning in technology for camera, which is a type of electronic camera that can takes still images and stores them as single frames of video.

SVC is also an extension in WCF in Microsoft technology.

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