Tuesday, June 9, 2015


What is the DYFI full form?

Democratic Youth Federation of India is stand for DYFI. It is an organization for youth in India. It's Hindi meaning is "भारत कि जनवादी नौजवन सभा" It is an official member of (WFDY) World Federation of Democratic Youth. This firm was originated on Third of November 1980. It is stand opposite for the commercialization of education in India.

Anti-democracy and communal activities. DYFI is opposite to full democratic rights  or rules and regulations of youth for both men and women also it is against for the forces of authoritarianism and dictatorship.

In other form, There is a promise with all education folks to get job with helping for self employment or for business.

DYFI explicit its power desire, and functions for the origination of cognate and amicable relations with other youth firms in our country which stand for secularism, democracy, and social advance, and explicit its alacrity to have united action with other youth organisations on commonly agreed issues and demands.

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