Thursday, June 4, 2015


We found many ZAR full form which is given below.

It is famous for two thing which is an extension and second is Currency. Yes! This word is famous worldwide as an extension which is discovered by a programmer (who was a fan of photographer David Zar) of a firm which is Sony and it's PS2 games. It is a audio file type. It is an extension which is respective with 'Play-Station-2' by Sony (Corporation of America).

Now if we talk about another ZAR meaning, so it is a currency in South Africa. As you know folks South Africa is a famous by the 25th-huge country on the earth by place area.Actually, It is not a currency of South Africa. Rand is the currency of South Africa and R is sign or first alphabet from Rand which is R where ZAR is a code. The rand is a symbol which "R" and it is subdivided into hundred cents and symbol is symbol c.

There are so many countries where ZAR is the place name which is not famous so I will not talk about more here but, It is a mountain Kosovo, whose name is also Z.A.R., with the height of 1,694 metres above sea level.

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