Saturday, August 15, 2015

CSA Full Form

What is the meaning of CSA?

There are so many full forms which we describing below:-

1) Canadian Securities Administrators - It is a Canadian organization in sector of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators whose main work is progress of the Canadian capital markets.

2) Community Supported Agriculture

3) Customer Service Associate / Advisor - It is a position in private sector who talks or interact with customer and try to solve their query or reply. Basically, this position is found under many sectors such as bpo, S/F firms, Internet companies, basically found in almost all organization where firms are selling products for public.

4) Canadian Screen Awards - CSA is a name of awards  in Canada, which is awarding by annually  by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. It was started in 2012. Currently it is awarding for ony 16 cateroirs including male and female in both TV and film related.

5) Cricket South Africa - It is an government body in South Africa which for those who is interested to play cricket or interested to begin a team member of South African Cricket.

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