Friday, August 21, 2015

CSR Full Form

What is the actual meaning of CSR racing?

First of all, CSR Full Form is Customer Service Representative, It is a position which is mostly found in BPO sector or call centre of any organization. It is also stand for Customer Service Associate or Customer Service Advisor (Which we discussed in our previous article).

It's actual job is to face customer, listen customer's query, solve problem's, promote  business for new customer's.

It is a job or naukri which can be do by professionals who has the ability to interact with customer's like how to talk?, How to meet, how to behave,

Corporate Social Responsibility - Yes! CSR full form is Corporate Social Responsibility which is a management idea which is generating interaction with customer through social and environmental way's where firms or organization can increase their growth or sales or increase revenue as well as solve customer's query or can help.

CSR Racing - CSR is a racing game which was very famous in 2012, specially on I-Phone and IOS Tablet's. This game was developed by a firm which name is Boss Alien Ltd and launched or published by Natural Motion Games. Currently this game is also available on many platform like iOS, OS X, Android, Windows.

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