Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BDM Full Form

What is the actual meaning of BDM?

1) It is stand for Business Development Manager or Marketer which is job title in corporate sector which works for develop the business or increase the sale. Any executive which is on the position of Business Development Manager  have to maintain and make new relationship for current and new projects. This position is in different fields like Sales, Finance, Marketing,  Mergers and acquisitions, Legal, Strategic management, Proposal management or capture management.

2) Business decision mapping - It is a strategy to take high level decisions for grow business or long term partnership in business with other firms. This kind of decision takes by heigh level officer to increase the reputation as well grow the fund, partnership etc.

3) Badami - It is station code in Indian Railway which is locate in Karnataka city. This page was last update on 01 September 2015. Found any error in BDM full form and it's small information? Yes! please let us know via comment.

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