Sunday, November 29, 2015


Category CPU Full Form
Measurement Unit Capacitance Potential Units
Technology Central Processing Unit
Education Central Philippine University
Job Position Centrifugal Power User
Defence and Military Chemical Protective Underwear
Education China Pharmaceutical University
Indian Railway Code CHOPAN
Internet Slang Clever People Understand
Defence and Military Command Processing Unit
Defence and Military Common Part User
Company Computer Parts Unlimited
Technology Computer Printer Unit
Space Science Control Pointing Unit
Technology Core Processing Unit
Airport Code Cururupu
Internet Slang Cute People United
Hobbies Cutting Papers Upward

FAQ or Frequently Asked Question
  1. What is the CPU in Airport Code, Education, Company, Defence and Military, Internet Slang, Job Position, Measurement Unit, Technology?
  2. Expand full name of CPU.
  3. What does CPU stand for?
  4. What is this? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

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