Sunday, December 20, 2015


Currently I found four ACDA full form of which given below -
  1. Air Conditioning Dealer Association - It's an association for AC brnads. It was establishment in the year of 1980 in Sydney.
  2. American Choral Directors Association - It is a non-profit organization which is promoting Choral musics. It's head quarter is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  3. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency - It is US agency which was formed in 1961 as an independent agency of the United States government by Arms Control and Disarmament Act
  4. Assured Clear Distance Ahead - It's the distance ahead of a transportation device in vehicle, Warcraft's, skate's etc. Driver can clear of hazard if seen any.
Let me know if you found any other ACDA meaning.

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